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I can't ever make up my mind!

I already had massive bags for a few weeks of unrest but I think I get to add on today with pulling an all nighter at work. Only five hours to go.

Took a three hour nap and it felt glorious until the last half hour when I had a bad dream apparently. I either do not dream or don’t remember my dreams normally but in the last week I’ve had two bad dreams. I took the nap so I could not be tired and do my schoolwork for this part of the week. Also, to get my negative feelings away after my eye exam. I was actually born with cataracts and since my last prescription was given in 2011 (We couldn’t find any others on file but I know they exist) my eyes have progressively gotten worse. While my eyes aren’t that bad compared to other people who wear glasses, my eyes are getting worse at an extreme rate. My eye doctor actually seemed kind of alarmed when he compared the two. Thankfully, they aren’t bad enough that glasses cannot correct them to 20/20.

The only two doctors I really hate are the eye doctor and dentist and the dentist only because they like to x-ray and that plastic piece they put in your mouth really hurts. I hate the eye doc because of lots of reasons like the air puff exam, the eye drops for making your eyes big, and the fact that everyone gets freaked out at my cataracts and every new doc is like… Don’t you mean astigmatism when I tell them the first time. I’m like.. no man I was born with them! Ugh, just, ugh. But I got a new prescription so I’m thinking about ordering some new glasses online. I got some plane ones for work ordered but I want some pizzazz.

Does anyones cell end in 5225?

My Artka blouse came! It is super nice! I love it. The box was neat too and I love the colors. I am enjoying the expansion of color in my wardrobe.

So this guy who was my neighbor for the first 15 years of my life and still a family friend for the other 10 had slowly been getting dementia. He died today. He was a good guy. I am not really sad though. He was old.

I have chalked up all these weird feelings I’m having lately about everything to my medicine. However, while other things are off due to it, I’ve kept my cool relatively well I think when it comes to anger. I’m kinda explosive but I didn’t explode the past two times I felt like it when I learned some really shitty news. Also, I don’t know what is up but I am getting these MASSIVE mosquito bites all over my body.

WHEEEE! Some more pics i got. Everyone in these pics except for the men sitting in the very front of the second ones were people in my tour bus. There are a few people who are not in the pics that should have been but for the most part, it is everyone. BUS NUMBER ONE! BUS NUMBER ONE!

losing-my-dream asked: I did not know you were in the army or in Korea when I started following you lol

I like to downplay the military part of my life since it is only one aspect and not something I consider a big part of it even though it is how I managed to make it to Korea.

Some more photos from my tour! I really enjoyed meeting ROK soldiers and touring around. I have more to post later too. These are the last of my phone photos though.

I cant take pics!

I cant take pics!